Millersburg, God Opens New Doors

Christwalk at Millersburg Open with ministry center building

God Prepares the Doors
After two years of traveling back and forth from Georgia to Millersburg, Ohio, God has opened the door for Christwalk Ministries to have a permanent church and ministry center in Millersburg.

The new ministry center will be housed in an 11,000 square foot space located at 1207 Wooster Rd 83 North. This is just a few driveways down from Pomerene Hospital.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE . . . from a distance!

making a difference food pantry truck

Georgia Boys Returns to Millersburg, Ohio to Make A Difference From a Distance Who thinks about a lift gate for a box truck the entire Christmas break? Not many people and possibly only if you are expecting a really heavy gift that requires special delivery. Well that is not the case in this situation. I actually cannot get my mind […]

Expectations, Obedience & Crossroads

oad signs in Millersburg Ohio Hwy 241 and 94

EXPECTATIONS From inside it is all good, but I am thinking how the impact of 16 degrees felt when we put our “Georgia Boots” down on the season’s first snowfall. From Miss Yoder’s Kitchen to Jitter’s Coffee Shop, all the locals kept telling us just wait until next month. Therein lies the thrill of expectation. Not just within the curiosity […]