Our Invitation To You!

The first ever Open House at Christwalk in the Valley will take place Sunday, March 24, 2019. From 2 pm until 6 pm, we are inviting our neighbors, local business owners and all surrounding churches to come visit and see what the Valley offers.

Please make plans to drop-in and walk through all our cabins, the dining hall, the meeting rooms, the outdoor chapel and explore every inch of the 55-acre mountain retreat.

Please, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Today we are sending 980 direct mail invitations to our neighbors within a five mile radius of the Valley. We also will mail the same invitation and a cover letter to as many churches as possible throughout Habersham County. However, if you do not receive an invitation but would like to come, please join us!

The main purpose of this blog is to invite you to the Open House as well.

Curiosity Killed The Cat...But You Are Invited To Come and Look!

It amazes me how many people drive by our wheel house entrance but never stop by to see what lies behind the big red gates that are almost always open.

Our entrance sign is new and has raised some curiosity but it is as if people are still hesitant to stop and ask for a tour. This is why we decided to do an open house, hoping an invitation would encourage our neighbors to drop in for a visit, just so they will tell others what the Valley is all about.

It truly is a special place to retreat to and encounter time with the God of the Universe, amidst the beauty of his handiwork.

All Dirt Roads Lead Some Where!

We are located at 1212 Bear Gap Road, which is actually one of the oldest dirt roads in Habersham County. If you turn off of the Orchard Road by the fire station in Turnerville and come up the mountain, you will find us on the left a little ways past where the pavement turns to dirt.

Our dirt road is not just any old dirt road. Bear Gap Road actually hosts several diamonds in the rough.

Past our entrance less than a half mile is Glen Ella Springs. If you keep winding up the mountain another two miles, you will find Mini-haha Falls on your left and just a few turns past the Falls will be one of the most picturesque drives of your life as you circle around Lake Rabun. The lake sits inside the backdrop of a portion of the beautiful North Georgia Mountain Range.

Consider Yourself Invited!

So now you are officially invited to our Open House at Christwalk in the Valley on Sunday, March 24th. Make it a whole afternoon, mountain get-a-way. Bring a picnic lunch, followed by a drive to each one of the fantastic places I mentioned on Bear Gap. Just promise me you will make the Valley one of your stops along your dirt road excursion.

Hey! By the way, four wheel drives are not a necessity. I know this because just the other day, someone drove by our entrance in a 2019 Tesla!