Christwalk Ministries Expands to Millersburg, Ohio

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My name is Pastor Chip Woodall. I am the Lead Pastor of Christwalk International Ministries, Inc. in Georgia.

My wife of 32 years is Donna, and we have a large family of 12 counting our kids, their spouses and our one grandson, Josiah. The size of our family does not stop there because we consider our Christwalk Family an important part as well, and currently, there are over 150 members in our extended family and ministry.

These details are all important, as I explain to you why we feel led by God to expand Christwalk to Millersburg, Ohio.

Being led by God

A little over a year ago in October of 2018, Donna and I traveled to Marietta, Ohio, where I was scheduled to preach at a conference.

The day after our arrival, we had a window of six hours to be tourist and see Ohio. The Lord led us to the Amish Country.

As soon as we stepped into the cheese store in Walnut Creek, I started having all the signs of a heart attack. Within a few minutes, I found myself in the ER of a small hospital called Pomerene. It was located a few towns over in Millersburg.

As the staff started taking care of me and accessing the situation, I immediately knew God was in control. One of the nurses even said, “Mr you think you are having a heart attack or did the Holy Spirit send you here?”

Obviously, that rerouted my thoughts and started an encounter ordained by God. The doctor in the ER convinced me to stay overnight for lab work and a treadmill test the next morning. Little did I know the night God had in store for us at Pomerene Hospital.

I will just mention briefly the miraculous conversation I had with the Internist who spent an hour and a half by my bedside sharing his story of God’s healing. The floor nurse who answered all my questions about the difference in the Amish and Mennonites.

And what really stood out to both Donna and me was how when an older Amish man coded across the hallway, we witnessed a team of over 40 doctors and nurses come running to save him. Yes, I said over 40! The ones who could not fit in the room were walking up and down the hallway praying for his life. This happened not once but three times throughout the night.

Needless to say, we knew God was showing us something very special and important about His Redeeming Love in an area 10 1/2 hours away from our home. The next morning after successfully completing the treadmill test and meeting the outstanding cardiology department, I was released with an injured shoulder joint that is symptomatic of a heart attack. Praise the Lord!

Since that encounter, I cannot stop thinking about Millersburg, Pomerene, the Amish, the Mennonites and all the other wonderful people around the area.

Many laugh at me because they found out I loaded the Millersburg weather app on my IPhone so I can check on them daily. The weather in Millersburg is very cold and snowy. To date, I often feel homesick for Millersburg, Ohio, and find myself praying for the people in their community all the time.

So what does all of this mean?

It means after now sending two mission teams back to serve at Pomerene Hospital and other places around Berlin, solid relationships have been built community-wide in the Amish, Mennonite and English communities. Prayer has taken place all over the area. We visited several churches and rode E-Bikes across the townships to feel the land. God is even encouraging other Christwalk members to visit Millersburg on their own. Over five families from Georgia have made the journey now.

Now, the Lord has directed us to start holding a Bible Study and Worship service once a month in Millersburg!

Sound crazy?

I know it may sound crazy and far-fetched to most people, but someone I greatly respect once told me, “If you want to see the miraculous, you have to be willing to do what looks ridiculous!”

The first Christwalk Bible Study will be held on Tuesday, December 10, 2019- 6:00 pm at the Comfort Inn in Millersburg.

Thanks to Kent Miller and his amazing staff, we can move forward with God’s plan.

Following the first meeting December, we will begin meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. You can visit our Facebook Page at Christwalk Millersburg for updates and more information.


Let's Connect

Up to Him in His Time

Many are asking me what does this mean? What will happen next?

If Donna and I have learned anything on this faith journey over the last 21 years, we have learned to not get ahead of God or lag behind.

Trust Him with all of your heart and lean not on your understanding. He has the plan, we just have to be willing to walk through the door of opportunity when He presents it. That is what we are doing and that is all I know to tell you.

The rest is up to Him in His time.

So why should you attend this Bible Study?

God is showing me to teach four things very clearly:

  • How to become established on His Word.
  • How to show redeeming love like Jesus.
  • How the Church needs to be a sure peg.
  • Why we must reach unlimited souls for the storehouse.

If God speaks to you in any of these areas or my story has touched you in some way, come and see what the Holy Spirit has in store for you.

My son in law, Pastor Jonah Norman will be with me. You will meet other members of our family along the way.

If you desire to know more about us and the Christwalk Ministry, browse this website or "Christwalk in the Valley" website. God bless you and please share this post with others.

If you plan to attend our Christwalk Bible Study on Tuesday, December 10th...6:00 pm at the Millersburg Comfort Inn, please respond on our Facebook Page by clicking “Interested”...this will allow us to know who is attending.

**A meal will be provided as a part of the Bible Study, so this is important for us to plan effectively.

Not on social media? You can also call us at 706-754-4804 for more information or to personally tell us you plan to attend.