From inside it is all good, but I am thinking how the impact of 16 degrees felt when we put our "Georgia Boots" down on the season’s first snowfall. From Miss Yoder’s Kitchen to Jitter’s Coffee Shop, all the locals kept telling us just wait until next month.

Therein lies the thrill of expectation. Not just within the curiosity of will it snow but the expectation of meeting with our Christwalk Millersburg Family again.

Who will come next time?

What is going through their minds and hearts during the month?

How many others want to join us, but they are just not sure?

What are the people of Holmes County really coping with through the holidays?



I know that some of you do not get it yet, and you are more than likely shaking your head.

Why would two pastors from Georgia drive or fly over 700 miles to do a Bible study at a hotel once a month in one of the coldest places in the United States during winter?

The main reason is God has impressed upon me to do this and now, it is a matter of obedience.

“Samuel said... Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice...” 1 Samuel 15:22 NASB

The Lord never tells us that obedience is easy or convenient when it comes to reaching unlimited souls and following His commands. He says, “obedience is greater than sacrifice.” We just have to have a little faith and make the first move in the right direction without rebelling and simply writing it off.

All I know to tell you is after this first Bible Study, our obedience is the answer to someone else’s prayers!

  • During our first meeting Tuesday Night, one lady shared how she is standing at a crossroads in the later years of her life and feels there has to be more. She happened to have read my last blog the day of our first Bible Study, made a quick decision to attend and invited a friend to come with her.

She received the “more” she was looking for by attending and said she will definitely be back. Her crossroads is clear as we taught on 1 Corinthians 16:9 and now she sees a door of great opportunity standing before her!


  • Another dear lady just lost her husband suddenly in November, so she attended our Bible Study with her friend. In the midst of her grieving, she sensed family and encountered a group of people she did not know who cared enough to love on her during her grieving process.


  • A young 19-year-old who seems mature beyond her years attended alone because her friends were skeptical about coming with her. Thank God it did not change her mind! She assured us she will be back in January with those friends!


  • Another man joined us who has a ministry in Millersburg. Those in ministry sometimes need to hear the word in a different environment for refreshing and fellowship. He deserves this time away from His own ministry.


  • A Holmes County doctor and his wife attended amidst their busy family and professional calendars. Making time makes a difference. He left saying, “a great thing just happened.”


  • A Mennonite Couple joined us and with their bibles opened across the table, they shared where they both are in life, reflected on ways they have served over the years and explained how it felt just like family...being together.

If you are reading this blog and feel you need to join us, our next Christwalk Bible Study will be Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the Millersburg Ohio Comfort Inn.

We will serve a meal, enjoy each other’s company and get into the Bible for another hour of learning.

It is a relaxed, family atmosphere that is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Bible and each other. The table is set and ready for you!


We had (10) people join us on that Tuesday Night. I know there are others who will be coming in the future.

Lots of people in Holmes County are standing at a crossroads, not sure of which way to go next. Others in the area simply need encouragement. Many are lonely and desire friends that feel like family. And some just want to learn the Bible, but they back away from going to an actual church because of being hurt by the church in the past.

Whatever the reason, please consider joining us on January 14 at 6:00 pm at the Comfort Inn in Millersburg. This will be a great way to kick-off your New Year!

Let's connect, find us on Facebook. We have a page dedicated for our Millersburg family. And of course, you can email us with any questions.

**(Facebook is the best way to communicate with us in between our monthly trips to Millersburg, Ohio)