Clinton and Trump campaign buttons with patriotic background

As the stage is well set for the battle between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there is another fierce fight that is taking place much closer to your home that is too often ignored. It is the unexpected attack of none other than Satan, the Accuser of the Brethren and the Author of Lies.


While many Americans are completely captivated by political advertisements and debates, the greatest enemy is being completely ignored. He is truly at the center of most of the controversy that is unfolding within our nation and in our very homes.

If you are a Christian, you are at war everyday and the struggle is real. It is not just during election time, it is most all the time. The problem for us as Americans is we are losing at this very moment in history because we are placing more emphasis on political issues and who will be president and less emphasis on Satan, his powers and his strategic attacks.

People seem to want enough of God to stay out of Hell but not enough of His power and might to really walk in Victory. We attend church and leave our worship in the pew or at the altar. When in all reality, our worship should be with us throughout the course of everyday life. To have God’s power to overcome these attacks of the enemy, we must allow the Holy Spirit to invade every area of our life. This also includes the area of our political thoughts and preferences.


In Ephesians 6:10-18, the Apostle Paul tells us about a battle that will often take place and how we are to fight it. In fact, Paul gives us a very specific command in (v. 11) about how we are to “Put on the full armor of God,” our spiritual protection for this battle. The reason he gives us this command is so you and I can understand that our battle is not really between physical adversaries like political candidates or republican or democratic agendas. It is really against levels of demonic forces doing battle in the spiritual realm over Washington, D.C. And more importantly, at your home address.

As Christians we must remember that Satan’s power is limited, even at the very pinnacle of an urgent time of presidential candidacy. God places limitation on the enemy and that is clear in Job 1:12. We have been given several promises of victory over the power of Satan. Revelation 12:11 and 1 John 4:4 are two verses that Christians should reflect on leading into the upcoming election. We are not fighting for victory; the victory has already been awarded. We are fighting from victory. The enemy has already been defeated. We must simply be reminded of how to put on the full armor of God to fight from our victorious state of authority.


We should be concerned as a nation about the outcome of this election. Please do not misunderstand my blog post. It is just an easy tactic of Satan to get us so caught up in political arguments that we lose sight of how we are really suppose to fight this battle in the first place. We are to do everything to stand firm for our country and our homes and families in America.

Just remember, there truly is a greater battle going on than Clinton vs. Trump.