Georgia Boys Returns to Millersburg, Ohio to Make A Difference From a Distance

Who thinks about a lift gate for a box truck the entire Christmas break?

Not many people and possibly only if you are expecting a really heavy gift that requires special delivery.

Well that is not the case in this situation. I actually cannot get my mind off of a particular lift gate that needs repair to help a local food ministry in Millersburg, Ohio! So guess what? Christwalk will be back in Holmes County next week, January 13-16, with the goal to begin the process of “making a difference from a distance”!

During our December visit to Millersburg, not only did we get to teach a great Bible Study about the redeeming love of God, but we also visited a local food ministry that serves over 700 individuals each week. The amazing part about this outreach is they do it with a very small group of around 20 people, mainly senior citizens and special needs individuals.

Thanks to one of the ladies attending our Bible Study at the Comfort Inn, she mentioned her church and the outreach. Well as God would have it, Jonah and I decided to go check things out. What we witnessed touched our heart and after learning about the faulty lift gate on their main delivery truck, I knew God was opening a door of opportunity for Christwalk to engage with them in a way that will make their job easier.

This will be a complete surprise to them but God has clearly impressed upon our ministry to help their ministry, so Millersburg Church of God, Christwalk is committed to working with you all the way from Georgia, so you can keep hauling loads of food from Akron to students and families throughout Holmes County every week!

If you are available Tuesday Evening, January 14th at 6:00 pm, please join us for our Bible Study at the Comfort Inn Conference Room in Millersburg, Ohio. The dress is casual, we provide a snack supper and teach truth from God’s Word about loving others.

This will be our second meeting, so please come if you feel like you need to hear from God. I promise you will feel comfortable and not be disappointed. Christwalk Church is located in Cornelia, Georgia but we know God is using our family to make a difference from a distance in Millersburg and the surrounding area.


Millersburg Family
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