A guest at Christwalk in the Valley recently took a picture of our property during his stay and included this quote by Rose Kennedy, “life is not a matter of milestones but of moments.”

As I reflected on this for several days, I have enjoyed both the beauty of the picture and the truth of the words. While we all desire to obtain the goal of the finished product, it is clearly the moments that allow us to see progress and maintain our passion to keep pursuing that which God has called us to.

This has given me a greater perspective on where God is taking us with the ministry at Christwalk in the Valley.

Measurements of Milestones

More often than not, I see guests at the Valley taking pictures as they enjoy their stay here.

Obviously, they want to capture that particular moment and share their encounter with others and then one day in the future, reflect back on that memory. It is the comparison of a memory with any given moment in time that we can measure our progress in life or lack there of.

Growth, movement and difference, all measure up to moments and eventually factor into the summation of what makes milestones in our lives.

God Creates Moments and Milestones

As a Christian Retreat Center, we desire to have a property where you can come to and create both moments and milestones, as you stay and encounter God.

It is bound to happen because God inhabits the praises of His people. When you come to the Valley and begin to praise the Lord and soak in the goodness of all God has created, you will witness either moments or milestones because God is here, waiting for you!

The Gate House Is A Milestone

We are currently renovating the Gate House at the entrance to the Valley.

With the potential of completing the top floor by August, this unit will offer 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, great room, 2 full bathrooms and an incredible deck with a breathtaking view to the lake and wheelhouse.

As we work with hosts of volunteers and trust God for the finances to complete phase one of the renovation, we are encountering lots of moments around the Valley. Each moment shows us daily progress toward the milestone of completion. However, it will be several more months before the basement renovation begins and then we have yet another milestone for the Valley.

It is clearly about moments and milestones for us as we manage the property the Lord has placed within our care and provide the best accommodations possible for our guests.

It Takes A Village To Make A Milestone

Across the street from the Valley’s main entrance, there is additional property where an old double wide sat until last week.

Volunteers visiting from Florida and Christwalk Church worked diligently to tear the modular home down. The new milestone is to develop a Tiny Home Village and Courtyard by the creek with additional parking. Again, it will take moments from volunteers on a mission to lead to this milestone. Do you see it happening?

There are many church groups who are looking for a group mission project that will create moments for them and help others have a place to come and encounter their God moment or milestone as well. It all fits perfectly inside the quote by Rose Kennedy.

Volunteers, Moments and Milestones

Two weeks ago we had four guests from Augusta and Thomson, Georgia who volunteered to pour a concrete parking pad outside our dining hall and behind our kitchen entrance.

This need is to better serve the elderly and handicapped, as well as to improve the drainage behind the kitchen staff entrance. Throughout the week, everyone involved in this project captured moments as they volunteered their time and efforts. Just think about the next guest who needs easier access into our dining hall and the moment they can push a walker or wheelchair across the concrete walkway, instead of the dirt and gravel.

This might be better described as a milestone! I guess it is all in how you look at it and the way it impacts you personally.

Donations Will Help Make Milestones

As I write this blog, I hope you are encouraged and the Holy Spirit stirs you in some way. Maybe you need to make a reservation and stay with us to create your own moment or milestone, or perhaps your moment is going to come by making a donation toward the projects I have mentioned.



We definitely need financial support toward these ministry projects and often it just takes making others aware of the need. We are praying for monthly support, so maybe God will use this moment to move you toward giving to Christwalk in the Valley on a regular basis.