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Intro: (Pastor Chip Woodall)

Welcome to the 10-Minute Window I'm Chip Woodall, the pastor of Christwalk Church Cornelia and Christwalk in the Valley in Clarkesville, Georgia. This podcast in created for people who desire to hear Biblical teaching with prophetic revelation that you can apply to everyday life. Now join me to hear today's episode.


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Hey everybody, I’m really excited about today's podcast. We are coming to you from Christwalk in the Valley. We're actually on the lake in our Upper Room. It is a beautiful view here. I encourage you to go on our website at and maybe you would be interested in coming or bringing a group to the Valley.

But today in our podcast, we’re going to talk about gifts and talents. Something that I've always found very interesting, and umm… honestly since I understand more of my walk about how to develop that gift, it is very interesting how God allows us to use our gifts and talents to further build the kingdom and bless others. So that's what we're talking about today.

You know have you ever met somebody whose gift seems to literally be pouring out of them? I mean it’s like, it oozes out them. And you want to be around them all the time and you can just sense their presence and what they're gifted to do. In the church, we usually call it “anointed”, and in the world, I guess we call it “hey, they're very talented” or “you know they're really successful”. But there are some people, who whatever reason they discover that they are gifted by God. And then, they tap into their gifting, and if it literally explodes. And it impacts so many people and what I love about it, is that is God uses it to build the kingdom up. And it reaches lost people and brings glory to Him. Understand this, we're all gifted from the moment the we’re saved. God literally unzips us and pours righteousness into us. And then he also places some type of gift or talent in us.

So, how do we discover our gift and develop what we have on the inside of us?

Many times I think we underestimate gifts in the church, and think because someone sings well they can you know we see him up on the platform on Wednesday or Sunday. And then all of a sudden, we we feel like well they can open up their mouth and they just sing a joyful song. But we don't realize what goes into that, to develop that gift outside of the time that we see them. Hey, just because God places a gift inside of you, it does not mean that the gift is just all of a sudden going to start oozing out if you. Like I was talking about earlier . . . and it's literally our responsibility to discover and develop what God has deposited inside of us. In the Bible, I was thinking about David when he started playing his harp, and writing songs when he was a young shepherd boy. He was developing his gift. In fact, in 1st Samuel Chapter 16, I want to share 2 verses, verse 19, and verse 23. This is what it says, so Saul sent messengers to Jesse and said, send me David your son, who is with the sheep. And when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, David took a lyre and he played it. And so Saul was refreshed became well and the evil spirit left him.

How many times do YOU think David practiced with no one listening but the sheep that he was tending out the fields? I was I was just thinking about that, he probably was you know just out there by yourself with a bunch of sheep. And that's where God allowed him to develop his gift and his talent. We know he was a young teenager at this time, and he was in the fields more often not. So David was gifted, and he could comfort King Saul. But what is not told to us is how much he had to work to develop that gift that God had placed in him. As a believer, I think it's very important to study spiritual gifts in the Bible. And take a spiritual gifts test, even if you've not done that to get an idea of your gifting. We're getting ready to do that at Christwalk, and then actually have a Ministry Fair where we set up all the different ways that you can serve the Church hoping that the people through this spiritual gifts teaching and the inventory will better understand kind of where their gift is pointed and the Ministry Fair will help them connect up with that.

A lot of you listening to this podcast, you have a gift, waiting to be used. But it's never maybe it's never been discovered or it's not fully developed yet. And last Saturday, here’s an example . . . several people met us here at the Christwalk in the Valley. And, and we cut trees, and we cleared property, and then there were others that came to help clean cabins and make beds. And that was all because we have a large group staying here, and we needed to turn everything over quickly for the Open House that we hosted last Sunday afternoon. If we had not been able to pull those people together from the Church, we would have not been able to prepare this place for the open house as quickly. Gifts and talents and resources were pulled together at you know to bless many people who were at the Valley this week. And, and then others who will come in the future. So your gift is not just for using using it inside the church.

And here's the big takeaway from this podcast, so so I want you to write this down. This is a quote that I came up with last week when I was working on this, “Diligence brings development, and development moves you to destiny.” How many of you are diligently developing your gift? I've been teaching and preaching the Gospel for 20 years. And before that I spent another 15 years teaching clogging, a lot of y'all know that across the country. So, if you add that together my teaching gift has been being developed for 35 - 35 years. I diligently been working on that with God because he place that gift inside of me and I realized it.

You know to do what we do a lot of people say when the preacher just you know preaches on Sunday and that’s about it. No, it takes hours of study, it takes time in prayer with the Lord. It takes writing to put a message together to hold people's attention. And honestly for me, it takes prayer and vision and dreams and revelations that . . . that God gives me. But it's a real gift. And the gift requires a lot of sacrifice even 35 years later. It still requires a lot of sacrifice to further develop it. The gift didn't come as a finished package all tied up with a nice Christwalk bow. You know, the gift started at Salvation. It has taking me working years with the Lord to develop it. I had to be diligent with my helper, the Holy Spirit. He helps me iron out a lot of the rough spots. And I've made so many mistakes along the way, and I have disappointed a lot of people with my gift. I know I have. But because of those shortfalls the gift has gone through these different levels of development, and it's you know it's it's taken place guess where? Inside my heart. That’s where the development is taken place. I've had to be delivered from strongholds in my life and healed from flaws along the way for the gift to better develop and the diligence from that has moved me to my destiny. And so now here we are full-blown in the midst of you know a million things going on with Christwalk and there's no place I would rather be. And guess what? It's still that gift is still being developed and sharpen and challenge everyday. The word diligence in the Greek means this, this word "earnestness". In other words, you cannot be lazy with your gift. You need to be diligent to development it. You can't be slothful or lagging behind with the gift. Hebrews 11:6 says it well. As God rewards those who diligently seek him.

So start discovering your gift this week. This is what I want to encourage you to do, receive your healing so that you can work past your strongholds and then your gift can manifest more. Diligently work with the helper, the Holy Spirit, to develop your gift. And then guess what? Guess what's going to happen? You will move into your destiny as you serve the Lord.

I mentioned something in my blog last week, and it was a it was actually a toy called the Big Action Garage. It was a toy that our son Tyler got for Christmas many years ago. And there was one big problem with the Big Action Garage. My Dad and I fail to understand what the instructions said. And here's what it said, “Some Assembly Required”. This is how our gifts are on the inside of us I believe . . . some assembly is required for it to work properly and the process of putting it all together is going to take diligence on our part. You know we cannot be lazy with our gift and let it lay dormant. We have to sometimes understand things from the Bible about spiritual gifts and have someone come along beside us to to teaches us what our gift may be. And then when you know somehow we put it all together with God to use diligence on our part and and to see that gift come to light. God put a gift inside of all of us if we're saved and serving him in some way. But some assembly is required to put it together.

Thank you for listening today. I hope you will join us again next week for the 10-Minute Window. God bless you. Have a great week.


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