As Christwalk Ministries grows, we are getting more and more inquiries about weddings.

While, we want to do all we can for our church family, the idea of hosting weddings is not in line with the intended purposes of ministry at Christwalk in the Valley. In fact, Bonnie Hanson and Allene Marshall, the original missionary leaders who started the Valley, refused to allow weddings at all.

After much prayer and consideration concerning weddings at Christwalk Church and Christwalk in the Valley, we have made the following decision based on by-laws and purposes of ministry.

  • Only regular attenders of Christwalk Church or immediate family of the pastor and staff will be considered for weddings at either location.
  • Weddings can be scheduled at Christwalk Church if the regular church schedule allows on Friday or Saturday’s only.
  • Weddings can be scheduled at Christwalk in the Valley on weekdays or evenings, Monday and Tuesday’s only or Sunday’s after 3 pm.
  • The ministry of Christwalk in the Valley does not lend itself toward weddings because retreats and conferences are scheduled Thursday-Sunday’s at noon, year-round.
  • Any scheduled wedding must be handled through reservations with Emilee Norman and approved by the Pastor. A contract must be signed with a security deposit paid before the reservation goes to the calendar.
  • The wedding party is responsible for all set-up, breakdown and clean-up at both locations. A security deposit of $500 must be paid to reserve the Valley Venue. A fee of $200 must be paid to reserve the church. Following appropriate clean-up of the facilities and grounds, 50% of the security deposit will be returned to the paying party.


**Please note that parking is limited at Christwalk in the Valley. Therefore, we are not equipped to handle large weddings at the Valley location.


Thank you for respecting the purposes of ministry at each location.