What Every Man Can Learn . . .

Donna and I have been married for 31 years, and during that time, she has taught me a lot about women. I also have learned many things about ladies from my mother, who will be turning 81 in July. Helping raise two beautiful daughters mature into young women has added to my small pot of wisdom on women as well. And finally, the notorious “church lady” has helped me gain knowledge and understanding on who women truly are.

All of this to say, I am a man that has learned a lot about women from women!

Lesson #1 . . .

If you want to learn who women are, marry one!

Donna was 18, and I was 19 years old when we decided to get married. I rarely advise young couples to copy us when I counsel love birds, but in our situation, it has worked out and proven to have been the right choice.

I often laugh and tell people that Donna helped raise me. There is no doubt that she has truly taught me a lot about the identity of a woman. She has helped me understand that women are emotional and more often than not, they just want a Godly man who will listen to them give an account of their day.

Women usually do not look for a man to give them answers, suggestions or solve their life issues. The female species just loves to talk and explain every minute detail of how their day unfolded.

By the way, selective listening is an art form for most men, so be intentional about listening to what women have to say on a daily basis. You will learn A LOT!

Lesson #2 . . .

If you want to learn who women are, ask your mama where her belt is!

Another way I was taught how to appreciate and understand women was by my mother.

At times growing up, when I was rebelling against the woman of the house, she had a very long, skinny belt that would help me understand who was the boss. I cannot say that she was a very strict woman or even over-bearing, but I quickly learned that her mass weapon of destruction had two homes. One home was under the sofa cushion, but the other home was across my rear end.

Most women truly are mothers at heart. Women are born to nurture and care for their children. It is obviously part of who women are.

Emilee, Donna, Melissa and Mama

Lesson #3 . . .

If you want to learn who women are, you will need to play Barbies!

Donna and I have five children, three boys and two girls. While they were growing, I spent lots of time in the sandbox, playing with army men and putting things together for Christmas morning, like the Big Action Garage. However, if you truly want to learn who women are you must be willing to play with your little girls.

Both Melissa and Emilee have taught me a lot about the female gender, as I played Barbies, pretended to let "Kimberly the Waitress" take my food order at the imaginary restaurant in our house, and spent countless hours with the notorious "Baby No Leg". "Baby No Leg" was Emilee’s doll that she drug around everywhere, even after its leg fell off. Donna finally performed surgery and sewed the leg back on.

Over the years, our girls taught me that if you truly want to understand who women are, you must be willing to take the hard outer shell off and get in the floor with your crown on.

Lesson #4 . . .

If you want to learn who women are, have a church chat with the church ladies!

From southern bells to bulldozers, I have truly learned valuable lessons from the personalities and types of women who grace the church.

After having served on various church staffs over the last twenty years, I have learned how women are by some of the most gifted angels and at the same time, faced what I thought was Satan himself disguised as a woman!

Church ladies are a gift from God and honestly, the church would cease to exist without them. I know it is often a debate about women’s role in the church, but as a pastor, I believe every woman has a position to hold inside the church that is valuable and necessary.

Over the years, I have found myself being molded by some great men in the church, but I also have been molded by some dynamic church women. These special ladies have taught me who women are.

Lesson #5 . . .

If you want to learn who women are, ask the Father who created them!

Jesus has taught me the most about who women truly are. In fact, what He has shown me works the best all the way around. Men need to understand who women are, but women also need to understand who they are first.

This is why Christwalk in the Valley is hosting another Women’s Conference March 29-30, 2019. “Who... I am” is the theme the Lord showed Donna for our Christwalk Women’s Conferences.

The first conference at the beginning of the month sold out, so the Valley Girls decided to hold a second one. I believe there will be a fourth, fifth and so on. Why? We all need to understand our identity in Christ when we are born again.

Men and women alike face strongholds that keep them from truly being who they are in Christ. Habits and hang-ups can become cover ups, masking our new born identity that Is a major part of our salvation plan.

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