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Welcome to The 10-Minute Window. I’m Chip Woodall, the pastor of Christwalk Church Cornelia and Christwalk in the Valley in Clarkesville, Georgia. This podcast is created for people who desire to hear biblical teaching with prophetic revelation that you can apply to everyday life. Now join me to hear today's episode.


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So welcome to this episode of The 10-Minute Window.

I'm glad to be back with you again this week, and umm . . . we’ve been getting ready for a second Women's Conference that seems to be the hot thing that's going on right now at Christwalk in the Valley. The first one was full and now I understand the second one is uhh… full. But, umm... it had me to start thinking about women and understanding their identity. And do men understand what women are truly all about? So that’s what we want to talk about in today's podcast -What every man needs to know.

And, I just finished my blog up and I said from Barbies, Mama and Church Ladies, because I started thinking about it, I've learned a lot about women from women. And that's you know probably who we need to listen to most to understand more about the female species. But how do we relate to them? In and so I wanted to just take you through some things from the blog that I wrote.

Donna and I have been married for 31 years. All of you that listen that don’t know that, Donna's my wife, and we've been married for 31 years and during that time she is definitely taught me a lot about women. But I've also learned from my mother, who will be turning 81 in July, so Mom if you're listening “Hello”. And then we have two daughters, Emilee and Melissa, and they have definitely helped me gain some understanding on who women are, and finally here this something else I thought of and you can probably laugh and relate to this and it's the notorious church lady. The ladies in the church over the years because that's where I'm now spent 20 years serving and and being a part of. The ladies of the church have helped me gain knowledge and understanding on who women truly are. And, so all of this would say, you know I am a man that is learned a lot about women from women.

So I want to break this down into 5 lessons tonight.

Lesson number one . . . if you want to learn who women are then, fellas, you need to marry one.

Donna and I were 18 and 19, she was 18 and I was 19 when we decided to get married. And and I will tell you this, rarely do I advise other young couples to copy what we did when I counsel, umm. . . what I would say is young lovebirds. But in our situation, it worked out. And it's proven to have been the right choice. Ahh, sometimes I laugh and tell people, yeah when people ask me about it, well, Donna has raised me, she helped raise me and there is no doubt she's truly taught me a lot about the identity of a woman.

And here's what I want to say about that, we just need to learn to listen to our wives. Not selectively, I think as men we have an art form called selective listening, but when our wife, our wives want to sit with us, they truly want us to give them our ear and listen to what they're saying and we have to be intentional about that. There's a verse in 1st Corinthians 11:11 it says nevertheless a woman is not independent of a man, nor is a man independent of a woman. Basically, we need each other, but we need to listen to each other.

Jack Hayford says something that I thought was very interesting, he says you can tell if a woman feels truly love because she grows more beautiful as she ages, and I think the grace of the that aging comes from having, if married, having a husband that truly spends time, quality time, listening.

Lesson number two here we go . . . If you want to learn who women are, ask your mama where her belt is.

Well, I don't know about you but when I was growing up, I'm 51 years old, and back in that day if you did not behave you got your rear end beat. And umm… there's nothing wrong that. But my mom helped mold and shape me. I don't think that she was a very strict woman. I don't think she was overbearing. But I quickly learned that she had a weapon of mass destruction, and let me tell you what it was, it was a belt. And it was long, and it was skinny, and it would wrap around my legs, and it would do some damage. But that taught me something, it taught me that my mom disciplined me because she loved me and she nurtured me.

And Psalm 127- 3 through 5 talks about children being a gift from the Lord. And then in Titus, in Titus, Chapter 2 verse 4, it specifically talks about a special kind of love that a mother has. And so that idea flows out of the word that the Greek word where it talks about caring for the children, nurturing the children affectionately, embracing the children, and this is what moms do. And this is why moms discipline. So I've learned a lot how women truly are from my mother.

Lesson number three . . . if you want to learn who women are, you will need to play with Barbies or at least Pretty Little Princesses.

Okay, so I told you earlier, we've raised two girls, Melissa's our oldest, and Emilee is next. And I can remember some specific things that they helped me learn about women. Even as they were growing up, in especially through the teen age years and now they are young women. Emilee’s married, uh...Melissa's in a serious relationship, and and I've learned from watching them. So here's what I was say, dads, you need to spend time getting to know your daughters. Especially playing with them, and then when they're older when they're teenagers, I uhh . . date them. Take them on a date and let them know that you want to spend quality time with them.

I remember Emilee had a doll, and we ended up calling it “Baby-No-Legs”, because she played with that doll for so long that its leg fell slap off. And, then Donna had to go back and uhh… perform surgery and sew the leg back on. And but that doll was an important part of her life growing up. And you know what? I spent time with her playing with that doll. And I can remember Melissa with all of her Barbies and that's why I mentioned that … uhh … you will need to play with Barbies. We play Barbies and there's nothing wrong with that. Psalm 144:12 says and our daughters are like corner pillars, their fashioned for a palace. Isn't a beautiful?

Lesson number four . . . if you want to learn who women are, have a church chat with the church ladies.

I made a comment in my blog, (excuse me) I said from bell, from Southern Belles to bulldozers, have truly learned valuable lessons from the personalities and types of women who grace the church. (chuckles) And that is so true! There are ladies that are just real southern belles, umm… that I was able to spend time with and learn from, and then there were some that were more demanding almost like a bulldozer. And I learned from them as well.

But I would say that, you know as women in the church, make sure ladies that you are reaching out to those younger women in the church, and that you're showing them what a home should look like, you're showing them how to love their husbands and you're mentoring them. And men we need to watch the ladies of the church because we can learn a lot from watching them. Acts 2:18 says, even on my servants both men and women, I will pour out my spirit in those days and they will prophesy. So women have a role in the church. They have duties in the church. And we can learn from watching them do those things in the church. So don't rule out women's position, they have an important place in the church, and as men we can glean from watching them. And we will learn who women truly are by watching the church ladies.

And here's where I want to settle in tonight . . . lesson number five . . . if you want to learn who women are, ask the Father who created them.

That's very important. Jesus, I would say this, Jesus has taught me the most about who women truly are. More than my wife, more than my mother, more than my daughters, and more than the ladies in the church, the Lord has truly taught me who women truly are. In fact, I would say that what he's shown me works the best all the way around.

Men need to understand who women are, but women also need to understand who they are first. I told you in the beginning of the podcast that we're going into the second Women's Conference, and so I can't wait to see what happens umm… from that. We've had great reports from the first one, but it is helping women understand their identity. Who I am meaning who I am in Christ. And that goes for men too.

So I hope that this has been umm . . . enticing experience for you through this podcast is kind of a different podcast tonight. But I'm thankful, and I hope that you will join us again we get back together next week for The 10-Minute Window.


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